San Diego Boat Repair Guide

San Diego Boat Repair Guide

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If you’re a boat lover you will be constantly amazed by the number of boat owners who simply smeared some caulking around the frames of the window which are badly leaking. Let’s discuss why is this a suicide for the boat, this silly process can not only make a mess of your valuable boat & it is a complete waste of time.

In short when your boat is developing leaky windows, ports or hatches then it is common sense that no surface remedy is going to solve the problem of your leaky windows.

The leaks on your expensive boat usually develop because of the seal between the window frame & the fiberglass part of the boat has broken. This break in the seal could be so small that you may not be able to even see it.

This could be because of the capillary effect which can draw water from the smallest size of cracks & may more or less act as a water pump & keep pumping water. This could be the reason where water can enter at one point & can be leaking from opposite side somewhere else, Possibly two feet away from the possible leak.

These days most of the new boats are coming with aluminum window frames & which could constitute the major source of the leak. As this is not the fault of the window frame, however, it could be possible of the poor design of the structure to which the window frame is attached to. Most boats are so badly designed that no matter what you do, you cannot stop the leaks.

If you don’t want to waste the quality time in finding out the leaks which could take hours then simply call for Boat Repair San Diego for immediate help.

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