Various Methods How Rain Can Destroy Your AC

Various Methods How Rain Can Destroy Your AC


Monsoon time is almost here & Of course, our monsoons in Florida can last a quick minute & can easily crank up our afternoon temperature to afternoon steam bath. Florida weather can give your air conditioning unit a tough workout. If your AC unit is sustaining heavy rains then you need to look out for your AC. As Air Conditioning Repair might be required.

Do you have uninvited guests in your AC Unit?

In most cases, it’s not water or hard wind that might cause damage to your air conditioning unit. Some occasions it’s the creatures trying to avoid those things. If you have turned your air conditioning unit off during a storm & have not used it for a while as the temperature dropped as the storm blew in or it is possible that you did not use your air conditioning unit all winters as it is common everywhere & spring is about to start. You do not realize that air conditioning unit is only a metal box when it is not in use & can be an open invitation to critters looking for shelter.

If your air conditioning unit has been switched off for a long period then that animal may actually be living in your air conditioning unit. In most cases nesting materials may jam moving parts in air conditioning unit also some animals may see your air conditioning unit wires as an easy snack & may damage the internal wiring.

It is always a good option to call for experts to look after your conditioning unit.


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